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From Attorney Lawrence Vergun

I've been practicing law for over thirty years, and I am proud to have assisted dozens of businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and all other good folks working hard to make a living. I truly respect their commitment to their work and to their families. And I am pleased to be part of their business and personal success.

My areas of practice include: business law, estate planning, trusts, wills, probates, corporations and LLC, real estate, internet law, trademarks and copyrights, collections, and trial litigation. My philosophy: Be happy, work hard, and be proud of the work you do.

My hourly rate is perhaps a bit higher than some other attorneys in the area, but I truly believe I am worth it. In other words, I know my stuff. Through my background (UC Berkeley undergraduate, UCLA School of Law, and an MBA from PSU) and my experience (over 20 years), I am able to craft effective solutions to your legal issues. I do take flat fees on certain work, such as setting up corporations, limited liability companies, and simple wills and trusts.

For those clients that have a wealth of experience in the business world, I can understand your business issues pretty quickly. I know how to read a balance sheet, know about cash flow issues, understand marketing channels, and I am able to help you negotiate your way around challenging situations.

And for those clients with less experience in working with lawyers, I do one thing very well. I listen to you.

I try to be accessible to all my clients, colleagues, and friends, whether it be through face-to-face office meetings, by telephone, or through email. The best way to initiate contact with me, or to drop me a line, or send me an email at

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